Friday, August 26, 2011

Practising Islam With Kids

This is the story of Ali and Amina who were happily married together, blessed with an eight year old daughter named Hiba and a five year old son, Danish.
One evening, Amina and Ali had come home after some shopping for their children. They bought their daughter Hiba, a beautiful pair of pants and a few skirts. As Hiba was no more a three year old baby her father said, “Hiba wear these skirts only at home not outside.”
“OK baba.” She agreed.
Ali soon left for a business trip, and returned with some beautiful skin tight jeans in different colours for his daughter. Everyone was happy. However, his wife Amina did not like those jeans for their daughter. When her husband and son were not around, and Hiba was wearing the same jeans she approached her: "Hiba I don’t like you wearing these pants in front of your father, brother and grandfather”
“Why?” asked Hiba .
“It is too tight and the shape of your legs is distinctly visible.” Amina explained.
“Yes, mama it is.” She said. But she continued to wear those jeans.
One day Amina’s son Danish fell ill. So his dad took him to the doctor. Amina and her daughter Hiba stayed back home. This time, Amina was committed that she will do something about her daughter’s tight pants. She went to her room, put on her own tight denim pants and a short shirt exactly like what her daughter Hiba was wearing. Hiba looked at her mom in astonishment.
“O mama look what are you wearing?” She was surprised.
“I am wearing what you are wearing.” Said her mom.
“Yes mama” said Hiba.
Amina began to go towards the room of the grandfather. Hiba screamed out panicking, “Mama where are you going?”
“To your grandfather`s room." Amina said as if she didn’t know anything.
“No mama... please do not go in there”. Hiba stood right in front of her mother stopping her.
“Why?” asked her mother.
“Mama these are not good clothes. ” Hiba said.
“Why? Why?” asked mother.
“Mama Ummmmm... these are not respectable” She said.
“So now you know what it means to dress and look respectable.” Amina laughed heartily and said to her daughter in a friendly and relieved tone, "Look dear, this is the same thing that I feel when you wear tight jeans in front of others”
“What should I do then?” Asked Hiba.
“You should wear a nice long top that covers your jeans at least till your knees.” Amina replied.
"Ok Mama...” affirmed Hiba.
Amina immediately changed her clothes back to the usual ones and sat on the computer to work while Hiba continued to play with her toys and games .
Amina happened to glance at Hiba after a few minutes had elapsed when she exclaimed, “Alhamdulillah!”
Hiba was wearing a nice long top over her pants.
“Why did you not listen to me before?” Her mom curiously asked.
“ I did not understand what you were saying before?” Hiba replied.
Amina was so happy; she gave her daughter a warm hug and thanked Allah for helping her daughter understand the beauty of modesty in dressing...

Time is running out! There is a certain age in which children can be convinced and taught about Islam easily. But after they enter their teens, the task often becomes harder and harder, and eventually impossible.
It’s high time Mothers realize the importance of caring for and spending their precious time and energy with their children, finding ways to correct them and explain to them things, in the best way possible based on their age, level of understanding and maturity.
Narrated Abu Masud Uqba: The Prophet said, "One of the sayings of the prophets which the people have got, is. 'If you do not feel ashamed, then do whatever you like." (Al-Bukhari)
 (copy from iLoveIslam)