Monday, December 19, 2011

Bboy and me??

Dimulakan dengan salam....
Assalamualaikum..Helloww my follower and readers.

Ohh almost all a year I try to learn step by step in breakdance to be a bboy.But until now I can't.
I'm very intersted in Bboy,dance and their movement.
On me to be Bboy and learn about Bdance is not easy thing if you learn without teacher.
Ini umpama you buat Math without calculator.
I'm just learn bboy step only via YouTube without someone teach me secara real.I'm just watching and watch many thousand times, but I'm still can't do that..
Maybe i'm weak.
Bebyfreeze maybe I can but another step sangat susah bagi aku.Flare,backflip,flagspin,headspin and muchmore memerlukan seseorang untuk teach me how to do that.

Aku rasa dengan belajar seorang diri just only learn via Youtube not in right track.. maybe I think throw away my dream to be bboy and looking another career yg aku boleh buat dengan lebih baik.But ni xbermakna aku akan lupakan bboy.Bboy is my favouritething.I love it so much.I like kids and teens dance breakdancing and i'll support mereka dengan cara aku sendiri.

Maybe people akan kata aku cepat giveup.Yes i'm giveup...This dancing not like tradisional dance.This dance memerlukan kekutan semangat dan keyakinan dan jugak tunjuk ajar yg betul.Without right  or step maybe korang akan patahkan tangan korang and anotherorgan.

For the last words, im writte this article because i'm just want share with you what I felt selama ni.Maybe i'm giveup in this dance but i'll try to learn another thing..So who want to learn Bboy just keepmoving try and try kalau korang rasa korang boleh buat.Don't think negative just think possitive and don't be like me...

          I LuVe bBoy!!!!
       But I Can't be.........